Drunken Reviews – Groundhog Day

On this fine Sunday evening, I shall be viewing the classic motion picture production Groundhog Day. I’ll be enjoying camp stove chicken noodle soup, hot cocoa and Tanglefoot IPA from the Royal Docks Brewing Company. The noodle soup is made from protein-rich veggie noodles, an egg, and a chicken bouillon cube, in case anyone is wondering. It’s what I eat these days in preparation for an extended bicycle camping trip. It’s tasty as fuck, and I can make it drunk as fuck, so it wins. Hot cocoa because it’s effing cold out and I like hot cocoa. The Tanglefoot IPA because it’s what a good friend generously brought home for me the other day. It smells like grapefruit with an aftertaste to match. I’m slowly acquiring a taste for beer.


I’ve decided to experiment with my writing process here, so I left all my notes in here, un-edited. They come first, then my review at the end. I like to be as transparent as possible since that seems to be rare and valuable these days. In my first attempt at reviewing a movie, I picked a complete joke of a movie to make fun of. It was too easy. I shall return to it someday. I still have my initial notes on it. For this one, I got deep enough into it to stop taking notes for a while and focus mainly on just enjoying the movie as a work of art. I rarely ever do that, as I over-analyze things, so that lends this movie some extra merit in my book. Hope you enjoy my thoughts on this well-aged film.

Pre-Viewing Babble.

In this 1993 classic with Billy Buns Murray, a local weatherman heads to some random town for some random reason and ends up having to relive the same day over and over and over and over and over again. It’s really trippy, but should be interesting. I tried to watch this movie about 5 years ago but got so bored with it, I gave up and fooled around with my girlfriend instead. Never finished this one. Looking back, I was far different back then, and have a much greater appreciation for everything these days. Going into this one with some food and alcohol-fueled excitement. Not too much though, wouldn’t want to wet myself again today.

In-Movie Incoherent Thoughts

That 90’s nostalgia though. I’d be butthurt too if I had to do news coverage of a damn groundhog too. It’s 2 minutes in and I’m already loving Bill’s no fucks given attitude towards the entire endeavor. The guy’s an ass. Damn. The audio quality of alarm clock radios has improved drastically since ’93. I dropped my fork on the effin floor… WTF mate? Whoever wrote this wins. They nailed the super annoying old school acquaintance.  Can’t tell if the main character is named “Phil” or “Bill”… Ok, now it’s starting to get deep about 30 minutes in. Gets her name wrong during sex, still bangs her. winning. Onto the second beer now. Got more cocoa. Alright, so this is getting pretty darn good. Phil has gone from hating reliving the same day, to doing whatever the fuck he wants. No more consequences once he goes to sleep is pretty awesome. This whole concept makes filling time pretty interesting, as they have the chance to reuse many of the same scenes. Doesn’t seem they have taken it too far though. Oh snap! I think this is turning into some sort of romantic comedy. I typed that without looking. I never do that. Alcohol is magical. So far he’s gotten the girl he wanted, his producer. I’m wondering how long until he gets bored with dating her every day. Well, he got turned down after telling her he loves her and is going overboard the next day. I’m not very good at this figuring out stories thing, but I’m guessing he’s going to learn how to tame his ego at some point.  Everything in excess becomes its opposite. Kidnaps the groundhog, drives a truck into a quarry. It explodes. The cycle continues. A fate worse than death. Looks like he’s exploring suicide now. After a good day convincing Rita he’s immortal, he starts to look on the bright side. He starts using his unlimited free time to master skills like piano and ice carving, and trying to save the life of a homeless man. We live life slower the more time we feel we have.

Final Review

Alright, this one is good, based on my unprofessional opinion. It starts off with an ego-maniacal asshole stuck in the same day, over and over again, unable to move on, unable to leave the town, and unable to die. 6am rolls around, the same song wakes him up on the alarm clock radio, and the day continues as it did yesterday, I mean, today. The main character, Phil, is a weatherman from Pittsburgh. He dreads his trip to a small town in PA to record the groundhog there looking for his shadow for the winter prediction. We watch him go through a few stages ranging from hatred to excitement of no consequences, through depression, then through self-improvement. This whole time he has been longing for the main female character, Rita. She has always known he has severe ego problems and avoided getting to know him. I wouldn’t blame her either. As he slowly starts to accept his fate, he begins to improve his way of thinking. In the end, he tries really hard to do the right thing and becomes a significantly less shitty person. He gets the girl, who stays the night, and wakes up beside him, showing the cycle has finally been broken. It’s never revealed what actually caused the day to repeat, or whether this whole experience is real, relative to Phil. That’s kind of frustrating but does add a little mystery and charm to the movie, while stopping the logistics of it from distracting from the story. Sober or drunk, I’d watch this one again someday if it were on. I really enjoyed how it played out, but I probably wouldn’t choose to watch it again, because it was a little too unexciting for me and I understand it pretty well now. I’d say everyone should check this movie out at least once and try not to let the logistics of a never-ending day distract them from the messages and minor details of this film. Would recommend.


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