Killers from Space (1954)

I’ll be brief. I don’t have much to say about this one. It’s a snore. The only aspect of this film I am likely to remember is the titular Killers from Space, with their big bulging eyes, bushy eyebrows, and full body leotards. One has to wonder how the people in charge of designing the aliens thought they looked at all intimidating.

Gaze into the faces of fear, and do try not to laugh.

Our bland tale begins when Dr. Douglas Martin, while collecting aerial data from a USAF atomic bomb test, loses control of his aircraft, and it plummets to the ground. Surprisingly, Martin appears on the airbase with no memory of the crash or anything that happened afterward. The only scar he has is a surgical incision in his chest. Officials on the base speculate that because of his lapse in memory, this Dr. Martin may be an imposter. However, after being questioned, they conclude he is the genuine article. Still, he is considered a security risk, and the atomic testing continues without his involvement. From the most recent test, he steals the classified data and delivers it to a rock. He evades the authorities by car for as long as can before he is confronted by the vision of a large set of eyes and spins out.

Jeepers, creepers! Whats the deal with them peepers?

Back at the base, a doctor administers to Martin a truth serum. Under its influence, Martin recounts a tale about our goofy looking aliens in question and how they revived him by restarting his heart. The aliens explain that their planet is very dark because of their dying sun, thus the googly eyes. Their sun will expire soon, and they have determined that Earth is the only suitable planet for them to inhabit. The plan they have concocted is to siphon the nuclear energy from the atomic testing and use it to mutate a variety of animals into large carnivorous monsters. They will use these monsters to concur Earth. Martin had his memory wiped and was hypnotized to steal the data. Of course, nobody believes Martin’s story, and it’s up to him to find a way to stop the aliens’ plan.

Godzilla came out in the same year. Are you gonna tell me that these effects look more convincing?

I really wish I had more to offer than a synopsis. There was nothing about this movie that grabbed my attention. I was drifting in and out through its entire runtime. The plot is incomprehensible, the acting is bland, the effects are unconvincing, and the makeup and costume designs for the aliens are comical. Those bulging peepers and bushy eyebrows are the only things this movie has going for it if it has anything going for it at all. This was bad, but not quite bad enough to be fun. Although, if you have a group of friends, you may have a laugh tearing this film to shreds.



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