Drunken Reviews

Name’s Dustin. I find great pleasure in all things humorous and uncomfortable. There are very few things that I take seriously, outside of hilarity. It’s so hard to take anything seriously when everything is done so poorly and/or idiotically. I love movies, bicycles, listening to entire albums by my favorite artists, eating Nutella, and learning. No idea what I’m doing in life, just riding my bike and writing about whatever the heck I want. Hopefully, I can make money doing that and eat bananas in a hammock next to my bike someday soon.

When I wipe, I fold the toilet paper in half, at an angle. Basically bring the two opposite corners together to give me extra strength in the middle, while creating some wings on the side to protect against mudslides.

That’s about all anyone should ever need to know about me. Deuces.


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