Son of Godzilla (1967)

As I’ve said, Jun Fukuda’s entries in the Godzilla series were very different than what had come before, and they were definitely more geared towards children. Son of Godzilla is probably the most child friendly of any of them not named All Monsters Attack. Many fans regard this as the lowest point in the series, but I disagree. It’s stupid, it’s weird and silly, but it’s among the most entertaining in the franchise.

This was the first film to give Godzilla a son, thought it wouldn’t be the last. His son, named Minilla, admittedly isn’t the greatest addition to the canon. How did Godzilla even have a son in the first place? An egg just shows up out of nowhere, and it’s never explained. Anyway, Minilla can be cute, but also very annoying with his constant whining. Although, I don’t hate him as much as others fans do.

Godzilla being a father is an interesting take on the character. He’s somewhat of an abusive dad, but it’s Godzilla, so you’d expect him to be a bit harsh. He wants his son to be big and tough like him. He ultimately shows he does really care about his son when they embrace during a snowstorm at the end of the film. It’s a rather sweet ending actually, for a movie featuring rubber suited monsters. It’s at this point you realize Godzilla is no longer some great big animal, he’s been fully anthropomorphized.

As far as it’s place in the series, and it’s place in the Monster Island Trilogy goes, Son of Godzilla is actually the first to feature Monster Island, named Solgell Island at the beginning of the film. After an experiment with a radioactive weather controlling ballon, all the animals there grow large in size, thus creating the Monster Island that we would see in the future films. Next time we were to see the island, it was going be our last, as well our last time seeing Godzilla. I’m glad it wasn’t.


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