After Moonraker, Roger Moore’s entries in the series got progressively less silly. Octopussy struck the perfect balance between the serious and silly aspects of the series without completely eschewing the goofy humor that was a trademark of the Moore era. Apart from from the cold open, in which Bond snowboards to the tune of “California Girls” by the Beach Boys, the rest of the film is a darker, more sober affair than any of the preceding films Moore starred in. A View to a Kill functions as a transitional film, easing us into the far darker take that I’ve heard Dalton’s two entries went with. Continue reading “A VIEW TO A KILL”


The Film Masochist

My name is Kyle Schroeder, and my love of movies goes beyond being a cinephile, I’m a film masochist. What does that mean exactly? Well, a cinephile consumes only the films they love. I however consume all film whether I love it, hate it, or have no strong feelings toward it one way or another. I usually do these as marathons, watching movies until I submit to them, until my brain has gone completely numb from the experience. Join me as I treat and/or punish myself (the two are not always mutually exclusive) with as many movies as I can subject myself to. Hopefully you will be entertained by my pain and pleasure.


Warning! Spoilers Below.

When this film was released it got a mixed reaction from audiences. Nowadays, there are many that come to its defense. After watching it I can tell you, it doesn’t deserve any such defense. This is a bad film, plain and simple. Although, I will admit that it had potential to be more. I have much to say on this. My goodness, where do I begin? Continue reading “ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE”

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